Our Members


RIAC Past Chair

Brad Hébert

RIAC Director

Kent Paisley

RIAC Chairman

Chris Short

RIAC Director

Nicolas Barrandon

RIAC Director

David Dienesch

RIAC Director

Sandy Reid

RIAC Vice Chairman

Peter Beepat

RIAC Director

Jay Rampersad

RIAC Member

Marvin Azzopardi

RIAC Member

Greg Irvine


RIAC Director

Abraham Katan

RIAC Director

Carolyn Nephew

RIAC Director

Michelle Davy

RIAC Director

Mark Hall

RIAC Treasurer

John Middleton

RIAC Director

Jason Del Rizzo

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Industry Associates

Regular Members

Cory Breed, Magnes Group

Sophie Côté, assurance-credit Inc.

Graham MacLachlan, Global Trade Credit Inc.

Neil Moloney, Risk Balance Inc.

Gerald Shtull & Associates