Wally Meneray Memorial Award for Excellence in Risk Underwriting

The WAlly Meneray Memorial Award for Excellence in Risk Underwriting (The WAMMA) was created by the members of the Receivables Insurance Association of Canada to honour the memory of an exemplary risk (buyer) underwriter.

Winners of the award must have demonstrated a determined work ethic and extensive knowledge of the receivables insurance industry, must have contributed to the training/best practices/mentoring of Receivables Insurance employees, influencers and users and must have used their skills to protect insureds while at the same time encouraging and enabling sales growth for those insureds.

THE 2021 WAMMA Winner

Dorothy Verwey: Vice President & RIC Director, Euler Hermes

Since 2001, Dorothy has kept a keen eye on Euler’s Risk portfolio while keeping a focus on policyholder needs. This was demonstrated during the COVID-19 Crisis when many Risk actions were taken which couldn’t have been easy.  Dorothy graciously accepted broker phone calls during COVID, helping them understand decisions and sharing what was needed to get the limits back.  When provided with the necessary information, she overturned decisions without hesitation. Dorothy is down to earth, principled, fair and practical in her approach. She is admired by colleagues who see her as a mentor. 

Congratulations to Dorothy who has been named the winner of the 2021 Wally Meneray Memorial Award for Excellence in Risk Underwriting.

THE 2020 WAMMA Winners

Savita Nanda and Jamie Webb are certainly deserving winners for 2020. Demonstrating great resolve, in very short order they were able to resume full service to their policyholders and Atradius following the untimely passing of Wally Meneray who was their revered colleague and Senior Manager. But even beyond that, they assumed leadership roles guiding those policyholders and Atradius through unprecedented COVID times…. stepping up and succeeding in incredibly trying circumstances.

Each year RIAC will accept nominations for this annual award which will be presented at the RIAC Annual General Meeting in June. If you would like to nominate someone please complete the Nomination Form.

Wally Meneray

Wally Meneray had been engaged in the Receivable Insurance industry both as an insured and as an underwriter since the early 90’s. As an insured (credit manager for Sharp Electronics of Canada) Wally quickly came to appreciate the value of the product and guided his company to becoming one of the largest policyholders in Canada covering domestic sales. As the receivables insurance market grew in North America, so did Wally’s reputation, both north and south of the border and so it was inevitable that he was snapped up by a credit insurance underwriting company. That reputation acknowledged his incomparable work ethic, his superior intellect and his dedication both to fairness and to his moral compass – a reputation that followed him throughout his career and was acknowledged by both colleagues and competitors alike.