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Episode 20: The B2B Pay Delay - COVID-19's Impact

Every year Atradius releases a Payment Practices Barometer survey which shows the international behaviours for payment practices in countries around the world. This year’s findings, released in early July, show the impact thus far of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though it will take time to determine the full impact of the pandemic on the Canadian economy the survey’s initial findings show “Canadian GDP contracting in the first half of 2020” and a rise in “the value of B2B sales made on credit” compared to last year. However, the majority of businesses in the country are expecting sales and profits to grow. On this episode of the TradeSecurely Podcast Chris Short the Country Manager for Atradius Canada provides a breakdown of the findings and an overview of how the Canadian economy has faired since July.

Episode 19: An Economic Update - The Impact of COVID-19

April 16, 2020 – Taking in all the information related to the impact of COVID-19 is like trying to drink from a fire hose. From the impact on the global economy to what it means for Canadian business and Canadian individuals, it is a lot to take in and sift through. Janet Eastman’s guest on this episode of TradeSecurely is Dan North, Senior Economist at Euler Hermes North America. He outlines what is happening economically in the both the US and Canada, what we can expect in the coming months and he shines a light on the path forward.

Episode 18: The Evolving Economic Impact of COVID-19

March 26, 2020 – Ruben Nizard, Coface economist for the North America region provides an economic overview of the impact COVID-19 is having on Canada and the world. He discusses the current global situation, the triple shock that will impact the Canadian economy, what we can learn from China and what we can expect on the other side of COVID-19.

Episode 17: Patient, Minority Growth Capital for Canadian Companies

Funding business growth and expansion can be a challenge for Canadian entrepreneurs because accessing the necessary external capital can lead to losing control of the company. To address this challenge an evergreen fund with capital commitments of up to $1B was establish in 2018. The Canadian Business Growth Fund is backed by Canadian banks and insurance companies and its mandate is to provide long-term, patient, minority capital to mid-market businesses for growth and expansion. This month on the TradeSecurely podcast Janet Eastman talks to Karoline Elkind, the CFO of the Canadian Business Growth Fund (CBGF).

Episode 16: Exporting: How to Prepare and Finance Your Expansion Venture

$19 Trillion US was the total of world merchandise exports in 2018 and Canada played a big role ranking #13 on the list of largest merchandise exporters. If you are a Canadian business looking to take advantage of the opportunities in export markets there are a number of things to consider. John Middleton, President of Global Credit Risk Management (GCRM) outlines the things you should investigate as you prepare to get started down the exporting path, as well as ideas on how to finance your export venture.

Episode 15: Entering the Export Market with Confidence

Finding new customers in new markets can open up great business opportunities but entering new foreign markets brings in new challenges and a wealth of unknowns. On this episode of the TradeSecurely podcast credit insurance specialist Mark Hall discusses how to gain insight on the credit worthiness of potential customers in other countries. He also explains how a receivables policy can give you access to a wealth of information to help you make the right decision on who to do business with, and how a policy can be crafted to suit trading needs and budgets.

Episode 14: Cyber Extortion - A Growing Business Threat

Since 2015, Cyber extortion has become one of the most significant exposures for most organizations. Overall, according to Verizon, cyber extortion attacks increased 50% in 2016 and in 2017 for an overall doubling for those two years. In addition, ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly more targeted, hitting financial infrastructure across the globe. Businesses of all sizes and industry segments are at risk. This month on the TradeSecurely podcast Cassandra Long, Associate Broker, Cyber and Privacy at Aon discusses what cyber extortion is, what it looks like, what it can cost and how to protect your business.

Episode 13: Business Practices to Watch Out for In Uncertain Times

Michelle Davy has been a credit manager, an underwriter, and for the last 20 years the president of her own brokerage CreditAssur. She has seen, from various vantage points, the impact challenging times can have on business and she shares some business practices she has encountered throughout her career on this episode of the TradeSecurely podcast.

Episode 12: Uncertainty is the New Normal

We live in an ever changing world and over the last few months alone there have been escalating trade troubles & recession talk, the Brexit bungle, and now add to that approaching elections for both Canada and the US. Right now it seems uncertainty is the new normal. On this episode of the TradeSecurely podcast Janet Eastman is joined by Chris Short the Country Manager for Atradius Canada for his thoughts and observations on what he and his clients are seeing in the current economic climate.

Episode 11: An Economic Outlook for North America

If you have been listening to the news over the last few months you have no doubt heard rumblings of a recession and other economic challenges. On this episode of the TradeSecurely podcast we get an overview of the economy thus far in 2019 and an overview of what could be on the horizon with Dan North, Chief Economist for North America at Euler Hermes.

Episode 10: Understanding Payment Terms & How They Relate to Trade Documents

Receivables Insurance is designed to protect your business from the risk of non-payment if your buyer can’t pay due to bankruptcy, insolvency or other financial hardship. When purchasing this type of insurance it’s important to understand the various payment terms and how they relate to documents, such as invoices, so your credit insurance policy works for your business. Carolyn Nephew, National Vice President of Sales, Trade Credit & Political Risk at Cowan Insurance Group explains some of the terms and provides insights on this edition of the TradeSecurely podcast.

Episode 9: Protecting Your Company Receivables from an Economic Slowdown

There have been rumblings from various quarters that we are in for an economic slowdown in the coming months. On this episode of the TradeSecurely podcast Mark Jomaa Chief Sales Officer at Coface talks about how this is likely to impact the credit insurance market and he offers some insights on how to protect your business from this uncertainty.

Episode 8: How to Do the Math on the Value of Coverage Provided by Your Policy

The Economic Policy Institute released a report in April indicating that there is a real possibility that the U.S. economy could slip into a recession sometime in the next 18 months. As a business leader do you have your assets covered? On this episode of the Trade Securely podcast Ryan Cummings Head of Short Term Multi-Buyer Trade Credit at Zurich North America discusses how to do the math on the value of coverage provided by your policy.

Episode 7: Receivables Insurance for Business Growth

There are a number of ways Receivables Insurance can help you with your business. On this episode of the TradeSecurely podcast credit insurance specialist Cory Breed of Magnes Group shares how his clients are using receivables insurance and how it has helped them out of some tight spots. Cory provides a perspective on receivables insurance that is influenced from both his time as an agent and as a broker. Listen to the full now.

Episode 6: Managing Your Cyber Risk with Receivables Insurance

Cyber security breaches are a growing concern for business owners and statistics show a typical firm experiences 130 breaches a year. Perhaps you have your business protected from such a breach but what about your customer? If a cyber breach impacts their business, and they can’t pay your invoice, are you protected? Kent Paisley, Senior Vice President, Accounts Receivable Insurance at Allied World discusses how to protect against this risk on this edition of the TradeSecurely podcast.

Episode 5: Understanding the Receivables Insurance Policy Process

This week on the TradeSecurely podcast we walk through the receivables insurance policy process with Mark Hall, Associate Broker at Dan Lawrie Insurance. He has seen receivables insurance from both sides, as a buyer and a broker. He explains why, almost 20 years ago, he went from a credit manager to a Credit Insurance Specialist and he shares a client story that outlines how this insurance benefits Canadian businesses.

Episode 4: What the Heck is Receivables Insurance Anyway?

It’s Receivables Insurance 101 this week on the TradeSecurely podcast! Brad Hebert, Head of Trade Credit North America at AIG gives an overview of the basics of receivables insurance for the curious and uninitiated and explains that it is for more than just risk mitigation. Learn how you can cover your assets.

Episode 3: What Should Be In the Credit Manager's Toolkit

Credit managers face a number of challenges when trying to mitigate risk as they oversee the entire credit granting process. How do you ensure the credit and collection policy protects your business? It can’t be too restrictive as it must facilitate sales and growth. This week on the TradeSecurely podcast Janet’s guests are former credit manager Abraham Katan who is now the Trade Credit Practice Leader at Aon Risk Solutions and David Cooke who is a Broker at Aon Risk Solutions, Credit Solutions. Both share a wealth of knowledge from the frontlines and talk about some lessons learned 10 years after the financial crisis.

Episode 2: Developing a Generalist & Specialist Broker Partnership - How & Why

This week on the TradeSecurely podcast a look how engaging with a specialist broker for Receivables Insurance can provide ongoing support and expertise that benefits both the generalist broker and their clients.  Janet’s guest is John Middleton, President of Global Credit Risk Management.

Episode 1: The Sears Bankruptcy - Stories from the Trenches

The Sears bankruptcy loomed for 3 years and for Canadian suppliers of this giant retailer it was a period of extended uncertainty. Some were able to thrive and some, not so much. This week on our show David Dienesch, a member of RIAC and CEO at Euler Hermes Canada explains how companies navigated the last three years.