Receivables Insurance - The Opportunity

For Business

Receivables insurance protects businesses from buyers that are unable to fulfill their invoice payment obligations due to insolvency, protracted default and political disruptions.

For Brokers

For property and casualty brokers, receivables insurance provides an ongoing strategic service opportunity that is highly valued by CEOs, CFOs, Credit Managers and Enterprise Risk Managers.

For Bankers

Much like mortgage insurance protects a bank in the event of foreclosure, a customer with receivables insurance does not place undue risk on its working capital loans with a bank.

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Stay in the Know is the Receivables Insurance Association of Canada’s (RIAC) business and trade news portal where you can find specific news, reports, and analysis on trade-related economic issues and events. Stay in the KNOW and TradeSecurely.

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Canadian Businesses are at Risk

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There are 1.1 Million Employer Businesses in Canada and most are not mitigating their risk with Receivables Insurance.

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It’s time to get your assets covered! We can help.

Get Educated

Canada's ONLY Accredited Suite of Receivables Insurance Training

The Receivables Insurance Association of Canada (RIAC) has developed the only accredited suite of receivables insurance training in Canada to help brokers, bankers and business owners better understand Receivables Insurance. Also known as credit insurance or trade credit insurance, it is a valuable tool that helps businesses trade and grow securely.


Canadians Helping Canadian Businesses Grow

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RIAC’s members are Receivables Insurance Brokers and Providers on the frontline of risk mitigation for businesses in Canada. Our members help Canadian companies grow and succeed by providing them with tools to trade securely at home and abroad.