RI-05: The Export Advantage

The purpose of this course is not to provide brokers with a comprehensive knowledge of how to become an exporter but rather to provide a precis of what their clients – exporters – will need to go through, or have already gone through, in order to export their goods and services. Although structured as a high-level overview, there are links within that will take the inquisitive to the nitty gritty of the subject matter in which they have taken an interest.

The information and links in this course allow a broker to have intelligent discourse with an existing or aspiring exporter from an informed viewpoint. That discourse will include the opportunity for the broker to act on behalf of their client in lines of insurance that perhaps they had not yet considered, but do need, such as credit insurance. They can provide these lines, either directly or through a sub-broker arrangement. Importantly, with this knowledge, the errors and omissions risk faced for not having provided sufficient coverage to their clients is greatly reduced.

This course is accredited in QC, ON, MB, SK, AB, BC


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