RIAC Members and EDC to Support Canadian Businesses Through COVID-19

Ottawa, ON – March 30, 2020 – The Receivables Insurance Association of Canada (RIAC) is pleased to announce that RIAC members, in partnership with fellow RIAC member Export Development Canada (EDC), are participating in the Government’s laudable support for Canadian businesses though the COVID-19 crisis by dedicating their resources to augment the effectiveness of the new EDC powers granted on March 24th.  

RIAC member EDC now has a broader mandate to provide emergency liquidity to Canadian businesses through Canadian financial institutions and private credit insurance providers. The large number of small and medium sized businesses that RIAC members serve will soon be able to take advantage of EDC’s new powers by using the services of RIAC’s insurance broker and private credit insurer membership base.  RIAC would like to thank the Government of Canada for responding to RIAC’s call to action to support Canadian businesses through credit insurance.